Corporate Finance and Investment

Our corporate finance and investment consultancy services are focused in the following areas:

  • Initial public offering (IPO);
  • Reverse takeover (RTO);
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A);
  • Business regularisation plan;
  • Issuance of bonds, commercial papers and medium-term notes;
  • Information memorandum for sourcing of funds and equity investments.

For corporate exercises, we act as the independent business consultants and industry experts to undertake the following:

  • Business overview;
  • Independent industry assessment;
  • Management discussion and analysis.

Commonly our independent business and industry assessments, and management discussion and analysis are disclosed in public documents such as prospectus, shareholders’ circular, introductory document and information memorandum. Within the context of the Malaysian capital market, these public documents are subject to the scrutiny and approval of the Securities Commission and/or the Securities Exchange (Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad).