Our Key Advantages

Our experience in strategic and high investment consulting projects

We carry out high level strategic consulting assignments including master and business plans. Some of these projects involve multi-million and billion ringgit/dollar investments. Such experience will ensure that we are able to meet the stringent requirements of stakeholders, and to create innovative business ideas, strategies and solutions.

Our extensive industry and international experiences

We have in-house experience in diverse and wide range of industries across a number of countries. Our experience profile facilitates selection of international best practices across industries, ensures creation of winning and innovative solutions, and reduces the knowledge acquisition curve in carrying out consulting assignments.

Our depth of experience in corporate finance and investment

To-date, we have assisted more than 100 public listed companies in their corporate exercises. Our depth of experience provides the assurance of the quality of our work, and our capability in meeting clients’ corporate objectives, as well as regulatory requirements.

Our Track Record

Our track record spanning approximately 25 years since commencement of business in 1993, has provided us with the experience base and skills set to meet clients’ requirements. More importantly, we help our clients create wealth for shareholders.